Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday 27th June 2012 - Tahtra - Merimbula

A bit overcast to start the day, but with a promise of fine weather to come.
Friendly Butcher Bird
Bill fed the Butcher Bird that seems to be fairly tame.  It even flew down on to his arm at one point.
Went for a drive to Merimbula.  Got a pillow in Go Lo to use for bear stuffing.  Had sushi, and Bill had a pie, for lunch.  We ate it sitting by the lake.  I fed the seagulls.  Bill fished for a little while, and I knitted.  We stopped at Tura Beach new Safeway - right outside a discount chemist where I would probably have got my MagMin cheaper than the $39 I paid at the supposed discount chemist in Merimbula.  I only pay $34.99 at home at a non-discount chemist.
Back to the van.  Bill went to the beach for a fish.  Threw back what he caught.  I sewed and stuffed two bears - six finished all up.
Back to the pub for tea.  I had chicken schnitzel.  Bill had Lamb's Fry.  Both very good again.

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