Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thursday 28th June 2012 - Tathra - Bega

We weren't sure if there would be morning tea, as there weren't many in the park.  Diane told Bill there was, and that we had to come because there weren't many.  Michelle was there, but not Frankie - he was in Broome.  There was one other couple who delayed their departure to have a cuppa - he was a right pain - he'd been there, done that and spoke in such a drawn out way you wanted to wind him up to get the sentence out!  Also two older ladies who didn't have a great deal to say. 
We came back to the van.  Bill went fishing on the beach.  I finished another bear, then sat outside in the sun and knitted.
I made sandwiches for lunch, then I had a lie down.  Bill took the annexe down because it was dry.
We decided to go to Bega for dinner, to the Club Bega.  It was at the Bowling Club, but a brand new building.  We'd been to the Bowling Club a couple of years ago, but then the dining room was like a big hall - nothing fancy at all.  We asked the waitress, and seems the old RSL was "acquired" for the new shopping plaza, and the RSL took over the Bowling Club and rebuilt it.  So we were actually at the RSL.  Bill had fried whiting, which wasn't - and was very ordinary to boot.  Bill reckons it was hake, and bad hake at that, straight out of a box.  My lasagna seemed to be minus the lasagne sheets.  It was cooked in an individual bowl.  The chips were yummy though.  I had specified no dressing on Bill's salad, but it had dressing on it.  We did have sweets - Bill had a lemony bread and butter / custard pudding and I had a chocolate mousse.  They were both nice.  I got my $10 pokie stake back.

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