Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday 23rd July 2012 - Eden

mini washing machine
Another lazy start - that's the point of these holidays Bill tells me.  But then again, I usually have lazy starts to the day at home too.
Portable clothes line
I knitted and stitched some more.  Bill tried out the new washing machine.  He set it up in the en suite so he could run the outlet hose into the shower drain.  It worked a treat - he is so pleased with himself for buying it.  We first saw one in Aussie Disposals in Sale, on sale for $199.  Bill liked the idea of it then, but I wasn't so enthusiastic, so he didn't buy it.  But he kept thinking about it, and finally looked them up on the internet.  He found this one for $104, with free delivery.  (Have since seen the same one for $86 with free delivery!)  So we ordered it, and it arrived quite promptly.  In the meantime we had asked about them at Aussie Disposals in Bairnsdale, and were told the rice was $199.  The man photocopied the page out of the Companion Catalogue for us.  Bill was convinced they were exactly the same machine.  When ours arrived, the instructions were in Chinglish - very funny and very confusing.  So Bill downloaded the instruction manual for the companion washer  and he is even more convinced they are one and the same machine.  Bill washed a shirt, several pairs of undies, a pair of pants and a t-shirt in one load - washed everything beautifully.  He had to spin in two loads, but the clothes were very dry after the spin.  Silly man hadn't brought our portable clothes line, so he had to go over to the laundry to hang out the clothes.  His reasoning behind buying the washer is that it costs up to $10 a time to wash and dry a load in the park laundry - OK, he could hang clothes out instead of using the drier, but it would still be $6 or $7 dollars to wash.  In a few trips the washer will have paid for itself.
We had rolls agin for lunch. Then we went down the street to go to Art on Imlay.  I bought another leather sculpture - a boy and a girl with a dog.  Quite expensive at $80, but very clever and exquisitely done by Sue Spink.  We also bought a dog coat for Salty for $18 - it is a lovely thick (two layers of polar fleece) with a tiger stripes print on it.
For dinner tonight I had a lovely Hawaiian Pizza and Bill had a Baked Spud.  We bought them in the town, and took them back to the van to eat.  Also had a herb Pizza Bread between us - very nice also.

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