Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saturday 23rd June 2012 - Tathra - Bega - Merimbula

Bega Sapphire Mall
Today was another lovely day.  We went for a drive to Bega.  Found a whole new shopping mall with Big W, Dick Smith, Woolworths and several other stores.  We bought a pair of slacks and a top for me, some trousers for Bill, a green sheep cushion at Homeart for Bill, 2 16GB USB sticks for me and a new aerial fitting at Dick Smiths.  Had a coffee at a little coffe shop in the mall.
Went back to the caravan for lunch.  I had yummy cold pizza left over from last night.  I really do love cold pizza that has been in the fridge.
After lunch I finished off one bear.  Bill was out gossiping with fellow campers up the road.
For dinner we went to Merimbula RSL.  Found out that Bill's Service membership to the Victorian RSL allowed him in without signing a temporary member form, but my Affiliate Membership did not give me the same rights.  I was more than a bit annoyed at such discrimination.  I pay exactly the same for my membership, it is an Affiliate membership of the RSL, not just a social / gaming membership of the Bairnsdale sub-branch.  No, this is not me in the restaurant (well I think it's the coffee shop actually) but I guess at a push it could be - except I don't wear hoodies, even without the hood up!
We had to wait for a table as they were very busy, but didn't have to wait long.  I had a lovely lamb roast.  Bill had flatty fillets.  I got back our $20 stake on the pokies.

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