Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday 20th June 2012 - Bruthen to Tathra

We left home about 10.15.  There was lots of evidence along the road of where the trees blew down in the storm a week or so ago, especially between Orbost and Cann River.
We had lunch at Cann River, as we usually do, this time at the Pelican.  The Caltex across the road has closed down.
Bill got petrol next to the Pelican, at $151.9/lt.  The lady was nice though, and even filled the tank rather than Bill having to do it.
We went on through Genoa and then into New South Wales.
Next town was Eden, where we stopped at the ARV caravan yard to see what they had.  Saw a nice Majestic for $22,00 - no reasonable offer refused.  The man had a look at our van so he could work out a trade-in price, and said he would ring us.  As we drove away I realised I'd given him a wrong mobile number.  Would ring him later when we got the number from a phone book.
We arrived at Tathra about 3:30.  We'd been given site 6, just opposite the amenities because their two en suite sites were out of action at the moment due to renovations of the sites.  However they gave us a separate key to the Disabled Bathroom, which as it turned out I had virtually to myself.  They also gave Salty Dog a dog biscuit wrapped in a cellophane bag tied with ribbon, and two heart chocolates also in a bag tied with ribbon for us.  Very welcoming.
Bill started setting up, then got to the point of putting up the television antenna.  Oops, he'd lost part of the connection to the aerial.  Lots of frustration as he tried to search for it, but then managed to get it to work.  We had intermittent reception though, although it did get better after he adjusted the direction of the aerial a few times.  Didn't put up the annexe as it was getting too late thanks to our later than usual start to the day, and our stop in Eden.
Decided to go for tea at the Bowling Club.  There are new owners, and the adjacent outdoor area has been closed in and made  part of the restaurant proper.  The result is a nicer looking restaurant.  Meals were quite a bit dearer overall, but Bill had a nice Blue Grenadier and I had an entree Asian Nibbles Plate.  Very nice.  Tried the pokies, but no luck.

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