Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday 25th June 2012 - Tathra

Cloudy today, but fairly light cloud.  Quite a few people who came in Saturday or Sunday leaving this morning.  Later it fined up and ended up being a lovely day.
Bill fished on the beach, but didn't catch anything.
I finished off four bears - ran out of the stuffing I'd brought with me before I could finish the 5th.  I then knitted a bit.  I have to finish at least that side so I can use the needles to do the paws on the other bears not yet stitched up.
I also slept for a couple of hours.
There was a little bit of rain and wind in the afternoon.
JJ's on the Green
We were going to go to the Tathra Pub for dinner, but it looked very quiet as if there were no meals available, so we went to the Bowling Club instead.  I had an entree serve of Crispy Chicken, Bill had lamb cutlets.  Both were yummy.  We also had profiteroles with chocolate ganache for sweets.
Did no good on the pokies.

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