Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friday 29th June 2012 - Tathra

Tathra Wharf
We went to the Tathra Wharf for a late morning tea.  Boy, has it changed.  The building is obviously the same as always, but inside the "museum" (which we had never actually looked at) was not accessible, the knick knacks and fishing gear were gone and the objects for sale now were all up market and very expensive.  It was a psuedo art gallery as well.  The counter space had been 'glorified' so the food was displayed to tempt you.  Seemed to be run by two young women.  The menu sign at the entrance had "No fish and chips" added to the top.  Bill had his usual latte - I had a lemoncello drink.  No run-of-the-mill coke and solo here!  He had a piece of pineapple and coconut cake - without the yoghurt on the side, and I had carrot cake.  Both very yummy - served on cardboard 'bowls' with wooden spoon for Bill and wooden fork for me.  My lemoncello even had a paper straw.  I guess they were into eco-friendly or something.
After our morning tea Bill fished off the wharf for a while.  I sat in the car and stitched and knitted.
9 Bears ready for Melon's Cottage
We went back to the van - I stuffed two more bears before I ran out of stuffing.  I've done 9 now.  Very glad to get them out of the way.
I made tuna sandwiches for lunch.
There were no pizzas tonight because they were short staffed.  Michelle and Frankie were away on holidays, and so were a couple of others.  That was a pity, because the pizzas were yummy.
We both had a snooze this afternoon.
We went back to the pub again for tea.  Both had fish and chips again.  Just as nice this time as last.  The Jed Rowe Band was setting up ready to play at 9pm.  It sounded as if they would be good - just two men playing guitar and double bass, possibly harmonica and a strange version of a steel guitar.  However, it was a fairly small room and they had the usual amplifiers etc. so I figured they would be too loud.  Also, we were finished dinner by 7pm so we'd have to kill time until they started at 9.  However, we did buy their newest album (which they signed) and it was very good.  We were talking to Jed for a while before we actually left.

Home tomorrow!  It has been a good few days away, with perfect weather, but it will be good to be home.

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