Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tuesday 26th June 2012 - Tathra - Bega

A sunny but cold day.  We went to Bega again to return the slacks I bought - unfortunately they didn't fit, and besides they were hipsters.  Who in their right mind would make hipsters in larger sizes?  We also had to get a script for Bill.
We bought Mark's birthday present, after ringing Janine to make sure he still wanted what we got.  I tried a few pairs of slacks at Miller's, but they didn't fit.  It was a nice touch that the fillting rooms had a high pouffe to sit on.  I thanked the ladies and said how nice it was to find somewhere to sit when changing clothes.
We had a drink and a lamington at the little cafe we went to the other day.  Not sure what it is called.
Went to the Discount chemist and got Bill's script.  I asked the chemist for a printout so I could give it to our chemist for our Safety Net record and mentioned that we were nearly at the limit.  Next thing he was ringing Terry White in Bairnsdale to ask what our status was and discovered that this script would hit the limit, so he got Terry White's to fax him something and proceeded to give us our Safety Net card.  We had to pay for that script, but no more this year.  About the same time we hit it last year I think.  We also discovered that the fridge tablets (Irritable Bowel Support) were cheaper, so we bought them too.  Got an even more pleasant surpise because they were on special at $39.99 instead of $49.99.  I should have checked the price of my MagMin because I later realised I need them in a few days.
Tathra Hotel
We had dinner at the Tathra Pub tonight.  Dinner was lovely - $10 for ling and chips.  Chips were yummy, fish was nice, salad light but nice - all by a lovely open fire.  Not sure if they still have a dining room, but certainly at this time of the year they just have tables in the bar.  But as I wasn't keen on the meal we had last time (a couple of years ago and Bill liked his meal) it was a change for the better.  No luck on the pokies.

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