Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday 15th October - Mogo Zoo

Feeding the deer at Mogo Zoo
A lovely day today.  We went to Mogo Zoo once again.  It is always nice wandering around looking at the animals.  We saw Tamarins, Lemurs, Red Panda, fed the deer, white lions, giraffe, zebra, otters, tigers, siamang, ostrich, meerkats and probably others I've forgotten.  It was very enjoyable, but I was buggered by the time we had a sandwich (me) and pie (Bill) for lunch.
We decided to go to the RSL for dinner, so we could have Chinese at the restaurant.  Guess what - not open, only the Bistro.  So I had wedges which were very nice.  Bill had Beef and Black Bean sauce with fried rice.  Although I had wanted Chinese I didn't fancy the limited offerings from the Bistro.

Sunday 14th October - Bateman's Bay

Another nice day again, after last night's rain.
Late start to the day for me, 10 to 10 before I got up.  Bill was up much earlier.  It's a man thing - walking up and down the road talking to the other men who are out "fiddling" around their vans.  triking up a conversation to compare travel / van stories.
I didn't see (or hear) it, but apparently a van came off a car as they were leaving the park.  Seems the man hadn't hooked it all up properly.  Came off - KERASH!  They had to jack it up so they could reconnect it.
This afternoon we went for a drive to the Water Gardens - a fairly big garden around a large wetland.  Lots of ducks, swamp hens and a black swan.  Fed them some bread we had in the car.
Back deck at "On The Pier"
Then drove over the bridge to "On The Pier" - had a coffee on the lovely back deck.  Saw the bridge open to let the cruise boat through.
We went to find out times for the boat cruise to Nelligen and checked out a few restaurants.  I had a lovely lemon gelato from an ice cream shop.
Back the the van.  I knitted some more and then had a lie down.
Bill made an omelette for tea tonight.

Saturday 13th October - Bateman's Bay

A nice day today, but it looked like it might rain so we didn't do much.  I knitted and rested, actually had a sleep in the afternoon.
We went to the RSL for dinner.  It started to rain as we arrived, and rained quite heavily during the night.  Both Bill and I had roast pork - mine was supposedly a small, but seemed to have nearly as much as Bill's large roast.
Had a go on the pokies - put in $15, came home with $10.  Not too bad.
Bill's heart started playing up tonight.
Pouring rain when we got back to the park - and we were locked out.  The gate started to lift when Bill entered the code number, but then dropped down.  he tried and tried again, but it just wouldn't work.  Another car went through OK, so Bill tried again.  Still no go.  Eventually he had to ring the night bell and get someone to come down.  Seems that because it had tried to work it thiught we were in the oark, and so wouldn't let us come in again.  If we had entered the code on the 'out' buttons it probably would have then let us go in again.  Apart from getting wet, all was well.

Friday 12th October - Bateman's Bay

Georg Golly
No rain!  But I still had a fairly late start to the day, not as late as yesterday.
We went into town - bought a golly and a glass owl at Gifts On The Bay.  Think I'll call the Golly Georg Golly.
We picked up the wheelie walker we hired - $35 for a week.  Very reasonable.  Nice big wheels, wide seat, and a little basket that actually lifts out with handles so you don't have to get everything out of it when you fold it up.
Got some sandwiches for lunch and ate them on the foreshore.
We went back to the van after lunch.  I was in a bad way in the plumbing department.  I decided I needed help, so off to the Casualty Department of the hospital.  The doctor gave me 'laughing gas' to relax me, then "assisted" me to get things moving.  Not a really pleasant experience, quite painful at times.  Then he gave me an enema to keep things happening.
Went back to the van, and I spent much of the afternoon and evening on the loo.  Felt much better though.
I didn't want to go anywhere for tea in case I needed the loo in a hurry, so we had take-away fish and chips from "Scrumptious".  I didn't eat very much, still feeling a bit ragged from the day's experience.

Thursday 11th October - Bateman's Bay

It's raining, it's pouring.................
All night, all day!
The park was awash.  Even our concrete slab had a build up of water in spots.  I took the opportunity to have a very late start to the day.  I didn't get out of bed until lunch time.  We didn't go anywhere, except to the supermarket for a few supplies.
Rang up Mobility Matters because we had left my wheelie walker at home, and I'd need it if we were to do any sightseeing. 
Too wet to go anywhere for tea too, so we had toasted sandwiches in the van.

Wednesady 10th October - Bruthen to Batehaven

Didn't think we were going to get away for a while.  John Scarlett changed my treatment yesterday, and originally said it would start next Tuesday.  When I mentioned to Bill he would have to unpack the caravan John asked what we had been going to do, so he postponed the satrt to the following week so we could still go away.  Just had to be back in time to get a CT scan before I began the new treatment.
We left home at about 8:30 am, a bit earlier than we usually get away.  That's because we were doing the whole trip in one go this time.
Arrived at Cann River about 10:30 am.  Only stopped for petrol at Lob's garage this time - too early for lunch.
We arrived at Narooma about 1:00.  Had lunch at the ice-creamery.  I had a nice egg and lettuce sandwich and a proper lime-spider.  Bill had a pie.
There was quite a bit of road works on the way, and a fair bit of traffic going both ways.  We got more petrol at Narooma.
Arrived at Pleasurelea Caravan Park, Batehaven, at about 3:30 pm.  We had an en suite site at the end of a row.  Lots of vans in the park.
Scrumptious restaurant
We had dinner at "Scrumptious" - the restaurant in the park.  We both had fish and chips - the chips came in a metal bucket and were as nice as we remembered them from last time.  Fish was nice too - flathead fillets.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bruthen to Bateman's Bay

Preparations are in train for our holiday to Bateman's Bay.  Clothes are in the van, things to go in the car are ready and waiting.  Still have to pack food.  This afternoon we will take the dog and the bird to Mum and Jim's.  We've decided to leave them at home this trip as it makes it easier to do things like go on a boat ride to Nelligan which we hope to do.  The site is booked at Pleasurelea Caravan Park.
Of course all of this is dependant on what John says tomorrow.  If he decides to change my treatment immediately we won't be able to go.  I explained the situation to the lady at the park when I booked the site.  I will ring her again tomorrow to either confirm or cancel.