Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eden Trip - 21st to 26th November 2012

Will make this one a single post, as there wasn't a lot that happened.
We left home at 20 to 10 on Wednesday November.  Stopped at Cann River, Pelican cafe, for petrol and lunch.
Arrived Eden 2:40.  Approximatley 3 1/4 hours travel time.
Bill set up the van while I restred with my feet up as ankles had swelled a little.
Went to the Golf Club for dinner.  We shared a spring roll entree and a fried rice.  I had pork with plum sauce - yummy.  Bill had curried scallops.
Spent and lost a few dollars on the pokies.
Back to the van, where Bill had a fit of the coughs.
Thursday 22nd November:
Sat outside the van after breakfast.  Did some knitting.
Had an early lunch of sandwiches.  Went to the $2.00 shop and spent over $100.  Bought some acrylic paints and paper, brushes etc.  I feel the urge to paint.
Then went to Art on Imlay - was looking for a leather dog for John, but they had none left.  However, I did buy myself a lovely pendant - Titanium Crystal.  A bit like this, although mine is more blue in colouring.  Mine is set in silver, with a silver chain.  Only $24, so very reasonable price.
We went to the Great White Bite for coffee, lime spider and chips.  Then to Bi-Lo to get a few groceries.
Went to the Fisherman's Club for dinner.  Bill had fish and chips, I had smoke salmon salad again.
Didn't waste any money on the pokies.
Salty had the runs in the car again, another mess for poor Bill to clean up. (Seem to have forgotten to mention the first mess earler in the day.)

Friday 23rd November:
A beautiful day - we spent the whole day sitting outside the van - didn't want to risk taking Salty anywhere in the car.
Bill went down the street to get a pencil and some milk.  I knitted, read, and even painted.  Bill did a painting too - neither were very good!
We had tea in the van - fillet steak, colelsaw and mashed potato.  Bill tried out the new tabletop bbq.  Seems to be excellent.
Saturday 24th November:
I felt a bit off today - just a bit nauseaous.  Stayed on the bed after I got dressed and had breakfast.  Dozed, but didn't really sleep.  Had a couple of crackers and cream cheese for lunch.
Settler's Cottage as it was before sale to new owners
About 3:30 we went into Eden to get a drink - but everything was either shut or shutting.  So we decided to go for a drive to Pambula.  Stopped at Settler's Cottage which has re-opened.  The lady was very nice.  We shared a Devonshire Tea of scones, jam and cream.
We had baked beans and left over steak for tea in the van.  I still wasn't feeling 100%.
Sunday 25th November:
Not feeling at all well today.  Bill offered to go home, but I decided to stay.  Spent the day on the bed with a sick bag.  Also got a bit of diaorrhea.
It was Brittany's birthday today.  She had let us know that she wouldn't be home until after lunch, so we left it until then to ring her.  She had texted us on Thursday morning to say her parcel had arrived that morning.  Excellent service, since we only posted it on our way out on Wednesday.
Bill packed up as much  of the van as he could so we could get away early tomorrow.
Monday 26th November:
Left the park by about 9:30 I think.  I wasn't very well at all, in fact Bill said I was as white as a sheet for most of the trip.  We didn't stop anywhere for lunch, because we were home by about 12:30ish.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday 20th October - Eden

Whale at Eden
Woke early, when Bill got up.  He went fishing, but was back within a few minutes - there were whales in the bay.  I dressed quickly and we went back.  Saw a number of them - visible, (just) withiiut binoculars, but binoculars made then easy to see.  Too far out to take good photos though, but Bill got a couple of reasonable shots.  There seemed to be quite a large group in different parts of the bay.  We watched them for over an hour.
We came back to the van - I went back to bed and didn't get up again until about 12:00!  Bill went fishing again, but didn't catch anything.

Sitting outside the van knitting, Bill saw a Blue Tongued Lizard.  We watched him for ages.  Bill threw out some bread.  The lizard must have been abke to smell it because he walked straight over to it and carried it off.  Over the road he did battle with an entire slice!
We went for a drive down the street.  Had coffee and fish cakes / chips (Bill) and lime spider and lemon tart (me).
We went up the hill to the lookout and saw a few whales, but just in front of the whale museum we saw some tell-tale splashes.  Went to look fir a vantage point and ended up opposite the museum.  We'd been watching numerous whales flipping and flapping for a good half hour before the whale siren went off.  We watched them for an hour all up.  Bill took a few photos.  Went back to the lookout, and Bill took another couple of photos.
Back to the van, where I had a rest.
We had tea in the van tonight as I didn't feel like going out.
All in all we spent a good two hours watching whales today.
Home tomorrow - via Lakes Entrance to pick up the furred and feathered ones.

Friday 19th October - Bateman's Bay - Eden

Nia's Birthday today. Rang, but she was asleep after a week away at camp.
Up fairly early (8:30) so we could pack up.  Left park about 9:30.
Petrol at Bodalla - cheaper, AND ordinary unleaded.  Not E10 like everywhere else.
We had an early lunch at Narooma - a fairly dry carrot cake for me, and a pear and raspberry loaf that Bill said was  more like a golden syrup loaf.  This was at the Ice Creamery again.
Arrived at Eden Tourist Park about 2:30.  Karen rang just before Pambula - we wished Nia a Happy Birthday, then Karen was on for a chat.
Went down the street after we got settled to buy a few bits and pieces.  Bought a new chair for me - a Coleman, $69, but very comfortable and nice wide seat and high back.  Not too high though.
Went to Fisherman's Club for dinner.  I had a nice smoked salmon salad.  Bill had roast lamb.
Bill won $25 on pokies and I got back my $10 stake.