Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday 30th June 2012 - Tathra to Bruthen

We were up fairly early this morning, for me anyway.  I did what I could to help Bill pack up.  As usual he did most of it.  We were ready to leave at about 9:30.
Nothing noticeable on our return journey.  We stopped at the Pelican at Cann River again for lunch.  I read in someone's blog from about four years ago that when you sat down inside the prices sky-rocketed.  I have to agree, we always sit inside, but I'd never noticed the difference between take-away and eat-in prices.  Bill wanted a pastie and I decided I'd have one too, however, she only had one so I looked at the board to see what I would have instead.  Saw that pasties were $3.90 ( I think, from memory) and sausage rolls were $3.20 or similar.  The lady told me I'd been looking at the take-away menu and that the eat-in version came with salad, which neither of us wanted.  She said she could do them without.  When we were at the table I looked at the table menu and noticed that pasties and sausage rolls were $4.00 dearer as eat-in with a bit of salad!  Thankfully she had only charged us take-away prices.  I'm glad we didn't order off the eat-in menu and get salad and not eat it.
We arrived home about 2:30 - and twenty minutes later it poured rain.  So the food and some other things made it in from the van, but the clothes were still in it.
Oh yes, stopped for petrol at the same place in Cann River - the lady remembered us because of the Coles hand in the back window!  She and Bill were talking for ages about the bird, the dog and goodness knows what else, including cancer and just how many people have it!  She was very nice.
While Bill was unpacking the food from the van he found the missing aerial connection - in the food box where we had both looked, and where I would swear I took everything out of!
The end of another adventure - and as it transpired, the last in this van as we will have the one we bought a few days after arriving home by the time we go away next.

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