Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tuesday 24th July 2012 - Eden - Merimbula

Bill Roberts and Tony Sullivan 'chatting'
I knitted, and we chatted to Tony and Shirl till about 11:30.  We then drove to Merimbula.  We had lunch beside the bridge, watching the workers strengthening the bridge supports.  I had left-over poizza from last night, Bill had a pie and bread roll from the bakery.  He also had an applae and cream pie, while I had a vanilla slice.
We went down to Short Point to see if we could spot a whale, but no such luck.  Although I did say to Bill we would be sure to spot one today because we had left the camera in the van!  Didn't though.
Decided against going to look at Everything Earthy again because I would probably want to spend more money!
Back to Eden and the van.
Went back to the Fisherman's Club for dinner tonight.  Bill had a whole John Dory, I had roast lamb.  Both very nice.
Spent a few dollars on the pokies again.  I won back the $10 I had put in.  Bill lost his.

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