Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday 20th July 2012 - Bruthen to Eden

Our new Regal van
Well, owing to the fact that we bought a new caravan we are on the road again.  Just for a few days this time. Got away from home about 11:00am.  Stopped at Cann River as usual for petrol and lunch.  Had lunch at the Pelican again - not really impressed with their food.  Bill had a pastie again, which seemed to be nice.  He enjoyed it asnyway.  I decided on scones with jam and cream - the scones were huge but they were cakey rather than like a real scone should be.  I could only eat one, but as they came spread with jam and cream it made it difficult to take the other one with us.  However, I put the two sides together and the lady put them on a plastic plate and wrapped them it in foil.  As it happened I didn't end up eating it.
We arrived in Eden about 2:45 and made our way to the Eden Tourist Park at Asling's Beach.  Bill picked up a business card and noted the name of the owner? / manager? - turns out he is related to people knew in Wonthaggi.  And I noticed that a recent guest book entry was from Ken and Bron Siacci, brother and sister-in-law of our friends Col and Wyonne Siacci.  Then, when we went to ur site (en suite site 4) I noticed that the van next to ours had "It's a SULLI-VAN" painted on the back.  Of course, my maiden name was SULLIVAN.  The couple were Tony and Shirl Sullivan, from Wynyard in Tasmania.  Beneath the Mk6 there was a quote which I presumed, but didn't ask, to be Welsh.  I meant to ask Tony about it, but didn't.  I wondered what signifigance it had.  I've just looked it up on a translation site, and seems it means "No More".  In other words, this must be the last van he is going to make!
Bill was convinced that another van in the park had an annexe of the same configuration as ours would be when we put it up.  Even took a picture of it.  But I disagree - from my memory of the photos of the annexe that came with our van it's nothing like the one in the park, but is just the same as the one we had on the Roadstar.
We went to the shops to get some coathangers as Bill thought the ones we'd had in the other van were too bendy.
The van is lovely.  It towed well, the couch is comfy, there is plenty of storage.  TV reception was good, using the aerial left int the van byu the orevious owners.
We went to the Eden Fisherman's Clubh for dinner.  Very nice lamb roast for Bill and a yummy char-grilled pork cutlet (huge) for me.  We put a few dollars through the pokies.  Bill didn't do too bad for a while, but ultimately lost it again.

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