Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wednesday 25th July 2012 - Eden to Bruthen

I was up just after 8 this morning (Bill had been up a while by then).  Had breakfast, and then we packed the van and got ready to depart.  We left the park about 10:10am in beautiful weather.  The weather has been quite good the whole time we've been here.
Cann River Bakery
An uneventful trip home.  We stopped at Cann River again for petrol at Lob's Garage - the lady remembered us again.  Had lunch at the Bakery instead of the Pelican.  My salad roll was very nice, although it was tending to the soggy side as it was pre-made.  Bill had a pie.  Wish I'd had the camera with me, because they have got a lovely display of dolls houses and fairies and things, and old mother hubbard shoes made of lollies.  Photos were welcome for a gold coin donation to the SES.  I should have got Bill to go back to the car to get the camera.  Next time.
We arrived home about 2:15.  Bill unpacked most of the van, except for the clothes I think.
A nice relaxing holiday again.  Verdict re the caravan?  Money well spent.  I slept well every night.  The extra length in the bed, thanks to the extension and the bolster, plus the inner-spring mattress (which we kept out of the Roadstar since we had only just bought it) meant my legs weren't always cramped up.  The couch is comfortable to sit on, esecially with the addition of the firm chair pad / cushions we bought (ended up with three altogether) as it makes the seats just a little bit higher.  We are thinking of getting a quote to have the foam in the seats replaced - will depend on how much it is going to cost whether we do it or not.  Bill is going to repaint the trims on the cupboards, because they are showing a little bit if wear, and he will modify how the pop-top vinyl is attached to the roof because it appears to be coming away in some places.  All in all we are very pleased with our purchase.

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