Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Friday 22nd June 2012 - Tathra

It was Mick Bills' funeral today.  Bill would have liked to have gone, but we had already booked our time away, it was too far into our planned time to delay the start of our trip, and too far to go back for the day.
I slept until 10:30.
It was actually quite windy today.  It started out overcast, but ended up being sunny.
When we first booked in, we booked 8 nights - but that only took us up to leaving Thursday morning, so today we booked the extra two days so we could leave on Saturday morning.
Mudlark at Bega River
We made a picnic lunch today, and went to the Bega River to eat it.  It was quite warm there as we were protected a bit from the wind - either that or the wind dropped while we were at the river.
My leg has been giving me a bit of trouble - my left knee sort of collapsed on me this morning, and several times during the day. (Might have been yesterday that it began.) It has also been giving me a little bit if trouble at night, but not like I was experiencing in South Australia.  So I went to the chemist and bought some Panadol Osteo to see if that helps.
Friday nights are Pizza Night at the park.  It costs $12 each for a 9" pizza, made by the park staff and cooked in their wood fired pizza oven in the camp kitchen.  Tonight Michelle was assembling the pizzas, Shane was cooking them.  Frankie was chatting with the campers.  The pizzas were very yummy.  We asked Frankie for one of the autographed photos he had - they had already been signed, but he added a wish that he hoped we enjoyed our stay.

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