Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday 24th June 2012 - Tathra - Eden

Sunny for most of the day.  I didn't get up until 10:00.  Had breakfast and then we went to Eden to look at the van again.
Inside Jayco Heritage caravan
We soon changed our mind about the Majestic.  Despite being described as in excellent condition we soon saw that there had been patches added to the pop-top vinyl, some unrepaired tears where the vinyl meets the wall, and quite a few spots where there had been water leakage and the ply was actually soft.  We looked at a Jayco Heritage which was quite nice, for $22,990 - no reasonable offer refused.  We still hadn't had a phone call from the man who checked out our van on Wednesday, and when I rang yesterday to see if they were open today the man I spoke to said he would see the other man that night and ask him about it.  Yet when we arrived today he didn't even acknowledge that I'd been speaking to him the day before (definitely the same man though!) and even when I asked how the work Christmas party had gone last night he didn't say anything about having spoken to his off-sider.  He tried to ring him while we were there, but he had to leave a message so we waited for a while, and had a cuppa with the man (John).  Eventually we left because we could have been waiting for the rest of the day.
Paintings at Great White Bite
Went down to the wharf and had lunch at the Great White Bite - our favourite food place in Eden.  This is a great place with lovely food.  Plenty of it too.  Bill had a Mega Burger and chips - the chips were the best ever, really yummy and crisp - and I had a baked potato with coleslaw, sour cream and bacon.  Yummy!  I also had a delicious hot chocolate while Bill had the usual latte.  Saw some lovely paintings for sale - at $495 or so.  The one I really liked was only $850 - so we passed on that.  It was a painting of the big red and white fishing boat, with a number of other boats including the Pilot boat, at the wharf.  A nice bold, bright painting.
We went up to the lookout - but no whales even though they are being seen in Sydney at the moment.
We then stopped at the $2 Shop as usual.  They have a lovely display of their wools - all stacked neatly in colours so it looks like a kaleidoscope - the colours are gorgeous.  We bought a few bits and pieces, including some wool!
Finally got a phone call from John - $15,000 changeover on the Jayco van.  Only about $5000 more than the maximum we are prepared to outlay.  It means they were only allowing about 6 or 7 thousand for our van - if that.  Not near enough.  So we gave him a resounding NO!
Because it was Sunday we didn't get to go to the Art Gallery in Eden.  I would have liked to look to see if there were any more leather dolls.
Tea was ham sandwiches in the van because we'd had a latish and big lunch.

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