Monday, November 7, 2011

GERROA Thursday 3rd November 2011

Still raining this morning, as it had done most of the night.  Decided we’d stay put today. 
TV reception had gone wonky yesterday afternoon.  Bill thinks it might be interference from a transformer in a van that pulled in over the way yesterday afternoon.  Doesn’t seem to be a problem with our aerial, as this morning he swapped back to our older aerial and it wasn’t any better.
Bill was going to do the washing, but decided against it as they were working on the doors of the laundry.
Later on it appeared the repairs were finished, so Bill did do the washing and dried it in the drier.
Late afternoon we went for a drive to Gerringong to have a look at the couple of shops we hadn’t previously perused – some nice things, but very expensive.
Went back to the van for a little while, then back to the Fisherman’s Club for our last meal before we headed home.  Bill had a lovely lemon sole and I had prawn cutlets again. Not quite as nice as last time, because the crumbed coating seemed to be a bit thicker and more gluggy.
Had another go at the pokies and this time I won $50.

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