Monday, November 7, 2011

GERROA, SHOALHAVEN HEADS and NOWRA Monday 31st October 2011

Weather quite warm today, especially out of the breeze.
First we drove down to Shoalhaven Heads for a look around, then on to Nowra and had a look at the shops – mainly two el cheapo shops.  One called Low and Behold – there’s one in Gerringong too, but we hadn’t looked at it yet – and a big Go Lo.  Bought a few little things from Low and Behold, including a cute little Nativity Scene for Susan – couldn’t make up my mind between the Nativity or a figurine of Mary and Joseph and the donkey, must be leaving Bethlehem because they had a baby Jesus with them.  Finally decided on the Nativity – hope she likes it.  Got a couple of things in the Go Lo too.  At Low and Behold we got two packets of extra long sparklers for New Year’s Eve.  They are really long.  At the Newsagent I bought 4 cute Aussie Christmas cards to send to people overseas.
At a loss what to do next Bill remembered seeing a sign to a wildlifepark as we drove into town so we decided to check our brochures to see where it was and go there.  Couldn’t find any mention of it in the brochures or maps, so we decided to follow the signs if we could.  Glad we did because we found a lovely little wildlife park.  Cost us $14 each (pensioners) to get in but it was small enough for me to walk around comfortably.  Lots of peacocks roaming around.  We saw koalas, wallabies, monkeys, crocodiles, two little piglets which Bill loved, dingoes, lots of different parrots, leopard turtles, snakes, lizards, goats.  At three o’clock we made our way back to the koala exhibit for a hands on show.  We got to go in the enclosure with the keeper and were able to pat two of the koalas – Clancy and another one whose name neither of us can remember!  Jim was also in the enclosure.  There were two females in the next enclosure but I can’t remember their names either - the web site tells me that the baby was named Jessica.  The keeper picked up the male we were patting and told us a bit about them.  When she asked if we’d ever patted a koala we explained that we used to have them in the yard and the bush when we lived on Raymond Island.  We had a photo taken of the two of us with the koala.  Then she opened a blue barrel she’d brought into the enclosure with her and took out a python!  I did actually stroke it, but no way was I going to have it on my neck!  Next came Drew the young wallaroo.  She wouldn’t come over to the keeper to start with so they got her bottle which she has just been weaned from and over she came.  They put her in a pillowslip to simulate a pouch I guess, and I got to hold her and feed her her bottle.  Another photo opportunity!  $10 per photo, but all proceeds go to helping with upkeep so I didn’t mind.  Finally they brought in the baby wombat whose name I have also forgotten.  I got to hold her as well – she was beautiful.  Could have had another photo but decided not to.  All in all a very special experience.  We had a drink, collected our photos and then headed back to Gerroa.
Went back to the Fisherman’s Club for dinner.  Bill had baked Barramundi fillet with prawns and hollandaise sauce, I had prawn cutlets.  Both very nice.  Wasted another $20 on the pokies.

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