Monday, November 7, 2011

GERROA and BERRY Friday 28th October 2011

Again I slept fairly well despite waking up every time I had to turn over because my legs were aching.  I didn’t get up until 9a.m. and had my breakfast.
We decided to go for a drive today.  Went to Berry first – a pretty little town, but seems to have grown since we were here last.  First stop was Haven and Space, an interior decorating shop where we bought Mum a wooden bird last time.  This time we bought a shallow glass bowl to put the water beads and succulent heads in, and a glass head to finally use as a wig stand – only $13 for the head.
Had a look around the other shops including a lovely toy shop – could have gone mad if I had young grandchildren.  Bought a birthday card for Avalon in another toy and gift shop.  Bill bought an old fishing rod in an antique shop.  I also saw a little blue ceramic loo ashtray / cigarette packet holder – exactly like one Joan sent to John from England many years ago.  The only difference was his was labelled Demi-John, may have been inscribed into the pottery whereas this one had a paper label proclaiming that it was a Cigarette Set.  I didn’t ask how much.  This one in the picture is black, the one in the shop, and the one John had were both pale blue.
We had a bite to eat at a little café – Bill had a bacon and egg roll, I had some vegetable frittata, quite nice, but not the best I’ve had.
After lunch we drove up to Kangaroo Valley – the Hampden Bridge was just the same, but there appeared to be a new eatery on the far side, and what used to be a lovely little gift shop was now a kyak hire place.  We didn’t stop to look at any of the other shops in the town proper, just found the loo.
Continued up the mountain to the Fitzroy Falls.  When we got there, up a very windy and quite narrow road, we had to pay $3 parking fee and we weren’t even sure if I could walk to the falls so Bill went in to ask.  The falls were only 200 metres from the Visitors’ Centre and we could get a pensioner exemption for park entry except that it entailed sending off for an exemption which the lady promptly did – we will get our exemption in the mail and can use it in the future.  The falls were quite spectacular – a drop of 81 metres.  The rock formations were also very grand.  There was also a little set of falls (perhaps better described as rapids) before we got to the main falls.  A couple of walking tracks led to a set of twin falls, but it was over 1 km round trip so we gave them a miss.
Had a scone with jam and cream, and a drink in the café.  Very nice scones.
Headed back down the mountain, and turned off to the Cambewarra Lookout.  This is a spectacular view across Nowra and basically the whole of the Shoalhaven area.  We came here when we stopped at Nowra about seven years ago.
Back to the van by about 4:45p.m.
Watched a very inept man try to back his van onto a site just down the road.  Bill just shook his head in disbelief.
Decided to go to the Gerroa Boat Fisherman’s Club for dinner.  I had a very nice prawn and mango salad, Bill had a veal schnitzel.  We bought some tickets in the prawn tray raffle, but didn’t win anything.  Played the pokies for a while, but again didn’t win anything.

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