Monday, November 7, 2011

GERROA Thursday 27th October

A lazy start to the day, after a reasonable night’s sleep.
Weather a mixture of sunny, overcast and rain.
We went for a walk over to the other side of the park to see if they had any information brochures, looked at the ducks and little piggy in the petting farm and had lunch at the kiosk.  Bill had a pie, I had a salad roll.  Not bad, except the roll was made with a Turkish roll and so was rather dry.  Walked back to where we had parked the car (it began raining when we started out, so we had driven down to the gate of our side of the park.) The park is quite big, and on both sides of the road.
Back to the van to get Bill’s jacket, then we went for a drive to Gerringong to have a look at the shops and the beach.
Bought Dennis the Donkey at Ollie and Me – he’s really cute.  He can add to our collection in the van – Kerry the alpaca, Mogo the Meerkat and Hoggy the pink pig.
I also had a lemon sorbet and Bill had a coffee at Scoops Ice Creamery.
Drove around a bit, looking at the scenery - quite spectacular.  Seven Mile Beach is apparently where CharlesKingsford Smith took off on a record breaking flight to New Zealand.  He used the beach as his runway.  At Black Head reserve we saw a whale quite a way out to sea, but it was definitely a whale splashing his tail in the water.  We watched it for a few minutes, then it disappeared.  Drove around to a few other lookouts, but didn’t see the whale again.
Looking around a bit further we saw the aftermath of what appeared to be a head-on accident.  If it was, someone was in big doo-doos because it happened on a great long stretch of double lines – in fact the whole place seems to be awash with double lines.  We saw both cars being taken away by a flatbed truck, and they were definitely both squished in the front.
Finally found the supermarket we were looking for and got some sauce, some tuna and some money – oh, and cigarettes for Bill.
Went back to the van where I had a lie down and Bill went yabby pumping and fishing.  Got some yabbies for bait, and caught a little bream and a toady, both of which had to go back.
Went to the Gerringong Bowling Club for dinner.  Both had a nice fisherman’s basket and some lovely herb bread.  Put a few dollars into the pokies, but didn’t win anything tonight.
Back home to the van and bed for me.  Bill watched some tele before coming to bed.

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