Wednesday, November 9, 2011

EDEN and MERIMBULA Saturday 5th November 2011

We went for a drive to Merimbula today.  Bill wanted to see if he could get a spool for the Penn fishing reel that the man from Metung gave him because the spindle was bent.  Unfortunately he didn’t give him the spool too, because he gave that to Craig, because Bill got the spindle straightened and the reel working again.  Doubly unfortunate that the man in one tackle shop told him it would be cheaper to buy a new reel than just the spool, and triple unfortunate because the man in the other tackle shop thought he had a spool that would fit which Bill could have for $20 – but it turned out to be the wrong size!  (Update - 16.11.2011 - Bill found the spool from a spare parts place on the internet, sent for it last Friday and picked it up from the PO on Monday morning!  Only cost $50 with postage, so much cheaper than buying the same reel new.  Reel is now completely re-assembled and working like a treat.)   Anyway, I went to Everything Earthy and bought three Christmas presents.  Won’t say who for, or what, in case they read this.
We had lunch at Poppy’s Courtyard café, then went around to Short Point to see if we could see any whales.  We were there for about an hour and a half and were just thinking about leaving when Bill suddenly declared “There’s a whale!”  Sure enough, right under our noses so to speak was a whale flapping its tail in the water.  We only saw the tail, but boy could we hear it too! It made a real ‘whoompf’ as it hit the water.  Great excitement among the other people watching from the car park but the spectacle only lasted about five minutes before the whale disappeared.   
We waited for a while to see if it reappeared, but no such luck.  Drove around to the wharf to see if we could see it there – everyone on the wharf was looking at something, but they soon gave up so I’m guessing they might have seen one and were waiting for it to return.
After we left the wharf we headed back to Eden, but stopped at Yowaka River where Bill had a bit of a fish, to use up the bait he still had left.  I knitted.  Bill didn’t catch any fish – oh, hang on yes he did, he committed child abuse and caught a tiny bream about 6” long if it was lucky!
Back at Eden we drove up to the lookout so see if we could see a whale there.  No such luck.  There were a number of other people who came to the lookout.  One lady was busily taking photos over towards Boyd’s Tower.  Beneath the tower there was an outcrop of rocks which obviously continued out under the water, because the waves kept breaking over it.  I must admit that it looked as if it could be a whale – except that it was always in the same spot.  As she turned to leave the lookout the lady said “She’s not coming any closer” and I realised she thought the splashes were from a whale.  I mentioned that I doubted it, because the splashes were always in the same place, but she was quite adamant she had watched it travel from in front of the yacht (which we could also see) to over near the point.  Oh well, I guess some people just can’t be told.  Bill was sure he could see something near the yacht, but I was blowed if I could see it. We finally went back to the van after what had been a lovely day – the weather was quite warm.
Went to the Golf Club for dinner.  Bill had fish and chips again, and I opted for Chinese pork and plum sauce.  Very nice, but I got a container to take half of my dinner home.  Had a last flutter on the pokies, but did our dough this time.

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