Monday, November 7, 2011

GERROA and KIAMA Sunday 30th October 2011

A lovely day today.  We had a lazy start, as usual, but then got our act into gear and went for a drive Kiama.  First off a stop in Gerringong to have a look at the Oak Tree Homewares shop because I had seen some lovely white and silver reindeer in the window.  I decided I didn’t need one when I saw they were over $30 each.  Bill bought a Scanpan breadknife and Cook’s knife which were on special.  Some lovely things in the shop, but mostly too dear.  Down at the harbour in Kiama we saw a group of pelicans waiting for a feed from the fishermen cleaning their catch – just like they were 7 or so years ago when we were last here.  Had lunch of fish and chips from the same harbourside fish and chip shop.  They were doing a roaring trade.  Had a look at the blowhole, but it didn’t seem to be very active, probably because the sea was quite calm.  We didn’t actually go right down to it, so perhaps we missed out.
We had a bit of a look at the shops at Centro – again, like Mildura, it was a very small centre.  Did ask the chemist about the rash on my chest – he advised some simple moisturising cream. I think it is just a heat rash because I’ve been warm in bed at night, but it is slightly raised and quite itchy.  I had earlier bought some anti-itch cream from the supermarket, but he didn’t seem to recommend that I use that.  Bill saw a lovely glass owl to hang in a window so we bought that too.
Eventually found a parking spot and had a coffee and banana bread for Bill and a softdrink and citrus tart for me.  Then headed back to the van.
Decided we didn’t need to go out for tea, so had spaghetti on toast in the van.

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