Monday, November 7, 2011

BRUTHEN to EDEN 25th October 2011

The visit to John Scarlett was as usual – a somewhat higher CA15 reading, but John not concerned at this point.  We grabbed a cheeseburger at Maccas on the way home for lunch. 
At home we put the last few things into the van and we were on our way.  Left Bruthen at about 2:30pm.
Drove to our usual stopping point at Cann River.  Surprised to see the Caltex Service Station had half their pumps removed and the area barricaded off.  Then saw a sign on the door to say that they would be closing for good on 25/11/2011 – due to circumstances out of their hands.  Don’t know what the circumstances are.  Got fuel and went to the loo and continued on our way.
Arrived at Eden, Fountain Caravan Park, just after 5:30.  Told we were on site 10 – but there was already a campervan on site 10.  Bill went back to the office.  The lady was a bit bemused – seems the campervan people had been asked if they wanted 8 or 10, opted for 8 but must have changed their minds and decided that since they’d been offered 10 they’d just take it.  But that means that all the en suites must be keyed alike, as their number 8 key presumably opened ensuite 10 for which we had the key.  Upshot was we were given site 6.
Sorted out the van, had a little rest and it was soon time to head for tea.
Decided on the Fisherman’s Club, despite being told by the man at the park office that the pub was a good meal.  I had linguine carbonnara, Bill had “the works” veal schnitzel.  His meal was huge!  So was my plate of carbonnara.  Bill managed to eat most of his; I left quite a bit, as usual.
Decided to waste a few dollars on the pokies.  Between us we put in $20, and I pulled out $20 when we went home, so our entertainment for the night cost us zilch.

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