Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday 15th October - Mogo Zoo

Feeding the deer at Mogo Zoo
A lovely day today.  We went to Mogo Zoo once again.  It is always nice wandering around looking at the animals.  We saw Tamarins, Lemurs, Red Panda, fed the deer, white lions, giraffe, zebra, otters, tigers, siamang, ostrich, meerkats and probably others I've forgotten.  It was very enjoyable, but I was buggered by the time we had a sandwich (me) and pie (Bill) for lunch.
We decided to go to the RSL for dinner, so we could have Chinese at the restaurant.  Guess what - not open, only the Bistro.  So I had wedges which were very nice.  Bill had Beef and Black Bean sauce with fried rice.  Although I had wanted Chinese I didn't fancy the limited offerings from the Bistro.

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