Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesady 10th October - Bruthen to Batehaven

Didn't think we were going to get away for a while.  John Scarlett changed my treatment yesterday, and originally said it would start next Tuesday.  When I mentioned to Bill he would have to unpack the caravan John asked what we had been going to do, so he postponed the satrt to the following week so we could still go away.  Just had to be back in time to get a CT scan before I began the new treatment.
We left home at about 8:30 am, a bit earlier than we usually get away.  That's because we were doing the whole trip in one go this time.
Arrived at Cann River about 10:30 am.  Only stopped for petrol at Lob's garage this time - too early for lunch.
We arrived at Narooma about 1:00.  Had lunch at the ice-creamery.  I had a nice egg and lettuce sandwich and a proper lime-spider.  Bill had a pie.
There was quite a bit of road works on the way, and a fair bit of traffic going both ways.  We got more petrol at Narooma.
Arrived at Pleasurelea Caravan Park, Batehaven, at about 3:30 pm.  We had an en suite site at the end of a row.  Lots of vans in the park.
Scrumptious restaurant
We had dinner at "Scrumptious" - the restaurant in the park.  We both had fish and chips - the chips came in a metal bucket and were as nice as we remembered them from last time.  Fish was nice too - flathead fillets.

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