Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tuesday 16th October - Bateman's Bay

The day didn't look too good for boating, so we decided to wait.
Went to the chemist to get a couple of scripts filled, but also needed some Caltrate.  The chemist heard me ask the girl for Caltrate and told me I was just as well off eating a box of chalk - he said Citracal was far better than Caltrate, more readily absorbed.  He suggested I take three Citracal. It will be interesting to see what my next blood tests show re my calcium level.
We did a bit of shopping, then bought some lunch and ate it at Casey's Beach.
Back to the van where I had an afternoon nap.
We went to the Catlina Club for dinner.  I had pumpkin soup, which was quite nice, but had a citrusy bite to it.  I asked the waiter and he came back to say it had lime and orange juice in it.  Bill had Barramundi.
We had a play on the pokies, and won $50 between us.

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