Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunday 14th October - Bateman's Bay

Another nice day again, after last night's rain.
Late start to the day for me, 10 to 10 before I got up.  Bill was up much earlier.  It's a man thing - walking up and down the road talking to the other men who are out "fiddling" around their vans.  triking up a conversation to compare travel / van stories.
I didn't see (or hear) it, but apparently a van came off a car as they were leaving the park.  Seems the man hadn't hooked it all up properly.  Came off - KERASH!  They had to jack it up so they could reconnect it.
This afternoon we went for a drive to the Water Gardens - a fairly big garden around a large wetland.  Lots of ducks, swamp hens and a black swan.  Fed them some bread we had in the car.
Back deck at "On The Pier"
Then drove over the bridge to "On The Pier" - had a coffee on the lovely back deck.  Saw the bridge open to let the cruise boat through.
We went to find out times for the boat cruise to Nelligen and checked out a few restaurants.  I had a lovely lemon gelato from an ice cream shop.
Back the the van.  I knitted some more and then had a lie down.
Bill made an omelette for tea tonight.

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