Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday 12th October - Bateman's Bay

Georg Golly
No rain!  But I still had a fairly late start to the day, not as late as yesterday.
We went into town - bought a golly and a glass owl at Gifts On The Bay.  Think I'll call the Golly Georg Golly.
We picked up the wheelie walker we hired - $35 for a week.  Very reasonable.  Nice big wheels, wide seat, and a little basket that actually lifts out with handles so you don't have to get everything out of it when you fold it up.
Got some sandwiches for lunch and ate them on the foreshore.
We went back to the van after lunch.  I was in a bad way in the plumbing department.  I decided I needed help, so off to the Casualty Department of the hospital.  The doctor gave me 'laughing gas' to relax me, then "assisted" me to get things moving.  Not a really pleasant experience, quite painful at times.  Then he gave me an enema to keep things happening.
Went back to the van, and I spent much of the afternoon and evening on the loo.  Felt much better though.
I didn't want to go anywhere for tea in case I needed the loo in a hurry, so we had take-away fish and chips from "Scrumptious".  I didn't eat very much, still feeling a bit ragged from the day's experience.

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