Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saturday 13th October - Bateman's Bay

A nice day today, but it looked like it might rain so we didn't do much.  I knitted and rested, actually had a sleep in the afternoon.
We went to the RSL for dinner.  It started to rain as we arrived, and rained quite heavily during the night.  Both Bill and I had roast pork - mine was supposedly a small, but seemed to have nearly as much as Bill's large roast.
Had a go on the pokies - put in $15, came home with $10.  Not too bad.
Bill's heart started playing up tonight.
Pouring rain when we got back to the park - and we were locked out.  The gate started to lift when Bill entered the code number, but then dropped down.  he tried and tried again, but it just wouldn't work.  Another car went through OK, so Bill tried again.  Still no go.  Eventually he had to ring the night bell and get someone to come down.  Seems that because it had tried to work it thiught we were in the oark, and so wouldn't let us come in again.  If we had entered the code on the 'out' buttons it probably would have then let us go in again.  Apart from getting wet, all was well.

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