Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday 28th August

Went for a drive to Wentworth.  Saw the Old Wentworth Gaol, which was quite interesting, but very amateurishly displayed.  Seems the shire has made a bit of effort with some signage, but many signs are hand written and look like they’ve been there for years.  Many of the artifacts are sadly deteriorating and will be gone before too long.  

Saw the Lock 10 and Weir at Wentworth. 

Had lunch at a little café.  We had thought of having a look at the Wentworth Show, but decided against it.
Perry Sandhills

Perry Sandhills
Also went for a drive out to the Perry Sandhills. These amazing sandhills just sort of appear out of nowhere - the surrounding countryside is dead flat.  
Paddy Melons and Widflowers
We saw lots of Paddy Melons and wildflowers, including wild hops, growing here.  There seems to be some contention as to whether they are paddy melons or Afghan Melons.  Some people seem to think the Paddy Melons, or Prickly Paddy Melons, are small and spiky fruit.  Others show images of the ones we saw and call them variously Paddy Melons, Afghan Melons, Camel Melons, Jam Melons etc.  

Also made friends with a stumpy-tailed lizard.

 Heading back to the caravan park we decided we hadn’t had a coffee then I saw a sign at an Olive farm (Varapodio Estate) so we went in for afternoon tea.  Yummy!  Nice coffee, lovely cake (I had chocolate and olive oil, Bill had rhubarb).  Bill bought me two brooches – a peacock and a lizard.  We also bought some rhubarb and strawberry jam.  The man who owned the café and olive farm was really nice to talk to.

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