Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monday 29th August

My arm is giving me a bit of curry, so I’m feeling a bit down.  Had a long lie in this morning.  We eventually went in to Mildura to check out Kmart because Bill wanted to buy a different fishing lure.  Also went to AutoBarn and Bill bought a new bracket for the CB aerial.  Basically a bit of a do-nothing day.
Can't even remember where we had lunch. 
We had dinner at The Edge Hotel (because it is on the edge of the border between Vic and NSW.)  Aunty Nene would have been impressed because it was called Tutankhamun's Bistro, and had a big statue of King Tut out the front. Only trouble was the name etched into the windows and glass doors in the bistro said TUTANKAHAMUN. There were numerous Egyptian ornaments around the place.  We were both going to have roast chicken, but they had run out so I had Nachos and Bill had fish and chips.  Quite nice.

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