Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday September 2nd

Mark went to work this morning, Oakley went to school because it was Footy Colours Day, Mitchell and Brittany had the day off so they could help Janine pack the van in preparation for their weekend away at Anglesea.
We had toasted sandwiches for lunch when Mark came home, then they headed off on their rumpetting trip.  We went to the Haymes paint shop to get a tin of red paint for Bill to use on the caravan trim. 
Then went to the Cathedral Motel to finally catch up with Karen.  Rick had an RDO, so he was home too.
Friendly Manager of Cathedral Motel
Had a cuppa and a chat, saw the girls when they came home from school, asked the motel IT technician some questions about my File Transfer cable 'cos he happened to be there sorting out some wifi issues for Karen and then went back to Mark's to get ready to go out for dinner.
Went to The Shamrock Hotel with Karen, Rick, Avalon and Shania.  We've only been there once before quite a few years ago.  Apart from being very noisy it was an enjoyable night.  Quite expensive, but there were six of us, and we did have some entrees and sweets as well as drinks and coffees.  We started with a cobb loaf with Tuscan Buter to share - very nice.  Also some duck liver pate which has to be the nicest pate I've ever had, absolutely yummy, but not enough toast to have with it so that some of the pate was wasted. Wedges added to the entree fare.  Three of us (Karen, Rick and I) had Shamrock Rissotto which was good rissotto, right texture and not too big a serve.  Bill had whole grilled Flounder, Avalon had grilled Barramundi and Shania had a Parmagiana.  Bill had a citrus and berry tart, Karen had Creme Brulee and the girls shared a piece of chocolate cake for sweets.  Just as well they decided to share, because although it was a big slice it cost $15!

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