Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday 3rd September

An early start today because we had to be out at the sporting complex at Epsom by 9:00 am to watch Shania play soccer.  It was the first time we've ever seen her play.  Unfortunately it was against a fairly weak team so we didn't see her ast her best, but it was good to be able to watch her. They won, 1:0. Karen had changed her shift, so she was there too.  Rick was in the coaching box.  Avalon was home in bed!
Spa room at motel
After the soccer we went back to the motel for a coffee, then Karen had to start work so we went back to Mark's to pack up the caravan so all we had to do was hook it on tomorrow.  We had decided to stay at the motel tonight so I could have a spa.
After we got the van ready we went to Lansell Plaza for something for lunch (late) and to do a bit of shopping.
We then went back to the motel where I indulged in a spa - the first time I've been in a bath or spa since the debacle at home when I nearly couldn't get out.  The spa was lovely and relaxing - I even shouted myself to a Bourbon and coke.  Getting out was a bit of a problem, but we managed it without too much trouble.  Might be the last time I try though - although I did think a couple of silicone pot holders might give me some grip so I don't feel as if I'm going to slip when I'm trying to get out.
For dinner we had Chinese Take-Away which was a bit of a debacle in itself.  When the order arrived it had one dish we didn't order, was missing two dishes we did order, and only had the sauce for the lemon chicken!  Eventually it was sorted out.  It was really yummy Chinese, despite the order mix-up.  Just wish I could have eaten more of it. Came from the New China Restaurant.

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