Monday, August 15, 2011

On The Road Again

Not quite such a lazy start to the day today as we had to pack up and head home.  We'd done a bit of packing last night.
Had to give the patio and outdoor table a good sweep and clean, because the lorikeets had made an awful mess with breadcrumbs.
Finally packed and ready about 10:30.  Went to give the key back, and to say goodbye to Cherie the Owner /Manager.  Bought two Beach Cabin coffee mugs as a memento of our stay.
Stopped at Pambula Market on our way though, and bought a ceramic pelican - very elegant.  About 9" tall.  Also had a plate of Dutch Pancakes.
Stopped at the little cafe (called "The Big Bite" I think) on the wharf at Eden for lunch.  I had Nachos, without Salsa, and Bill had Fish and Chips.
I slept much of the way home, well until Cann River anyway.  It made it seem like a very quick trip.  We arrived home about 3:30 and unpacked the car.  Well, Bill did.  I checked my emails!
It was an enjoyable few days away, and the weather was kind to us after the first day.
Pity the kangaroo wasn't kind to us on our way home from the Swanny pub where we went for a belated birthday dinner with Mum and Jim and Susan and Marty.  A great big ding in the rear passenger door where he banged into us!  As I said to Bill, it could have been worse.

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