Monday, August 15, 2011

Final Full Day

The weather was very nice again today. Another fairly lazy start to the day. We went back to the Boardwalk to look at a lovely pair of leather gloves I saw in a shop window last night. They would have been over $30 (at half price) but they were really nice. They were even a size large - unfortunately the lymphodema in my right hand meant I couldn't get that one one so I had to leave them. We tried in another couple of shops, including Rockman's where Bill convinced me to buy an owl pendant and a purple and silver pendant and earrings, eventually ending up at Swannie's where I got a nice soft pair of men's gloves, and Bill bought a pair of circulation socks and a wool jumper. Walked back down to the street and I bought a lemon gelato - the worst I've ever had. it was sticky and gooey, like toffee in parts, almost as if it had melted and refrozen, or the gelatin hadn't dissolved properly or something. I probably shouldn't have bought it as it all looked a bit odd in the tubs. At $4.30 for a small single scoop it hurt to throw half of it away!
Then we had a look at the bait and tackle shop but Bill resisted the temptation to buy anything.
We then headed off to the Merimbula Wharf and Aquarium to have lunch. I had a nice Prawn and Avocado Salad, Bill had a Wharf Burger.
Went back to the cabin for a bit of a rest.  Went back to the RSL for dinner.  We both had the lamb roast.  Quite nice.

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