Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally On The Way

Well, the day began well – Bill came to get me up just on 9, but I was already getting dressed. Just as well, because the District Nurse was there before 9:30. We had asked for an early visit so we could get away on our holiday as soon as possible. It was Rob, and Bay (?) a trainee doctor who was doing the rounds with him. Trouble was my port wouldn’t behave. Rob had three goes, but it just wouldn’t back flash, and he couldn’t get anything to push in either. So he rang Ray to see if he could come out to do it. We gave Rob a coffee for his trouble – Bay didn’t want one. To top if off, it was pouring rain, and Rob had a problem with his windscreen wipers, which Bill was able to ‘patch up’ for him. Ray arrived just as Rob was leaving. By this time it was nearly 10:30. Guess what, Ray had trouble too – it just wouldn’t back flash, nor flush. He was worried it had clotted off. So he rang Oncology, only to be told I would have to go to A&E, and if necessary they would call Oncology.

But in discussing it further after Ray had rung A&E he decided he’d try to bypass A&E altogether and see if Lyn Davies could help out in the District Nurse office. So another phone call set it up and we all hot-footed it into Ross Street. At first it looked as if it might have been blocked, because Lyn had a bit of trouble too, but all of a sudden everything worked and all was OK. So much for our early start. By the time we got home again and finally got everything packed in the car it was 2:30 before we left home.

We stopped at Cann River for a drink, where we had a bit more drama. I took off my pressure pad (usually only left in place for about an hour) but one of my needle marks immediately began bleeding! So we called around to the Bush Nursing Centre to see if they could give me a couple of pressure pads as I wasn’t sure the re-stuck one would stay stuck.

We finally arrived at the Cabins just before 6pm. Poured rain all the way.
Went to the Merimbula RSL for dinner.

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