Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 1

Still pouring rain! I didn’t sleep much last night. My arm wasn’t too bad, but I just didn’t sleep. We went for a bit of a drive, went shopping to pick up a couple of things we’d forgotten or needed anyway. Had a bite for lunch at a nice little café in the arcade in Merimbula. Went back to the cabin so I could have a bit of a rest.
Then went for another drive out to Wheeler’s Oysters to see if we were going to go there for my birthday dinner. Their menu on the internet seemed to have quite a few things we could choose from. But the menu at the restaurant was rather limited. We realise it is a seafood restaurant, but there wasn’t much to choose from and the seafood platter for two, at $150, only had ½ a crayfish (among other things, but not much cray when it all boiled down) which made it very expensive. So we decided to give it a miss. In the end Bill investigated Pier One restaurant on the Boardwalk, and booked us in there.
We went to the Merimbula Bowls Club for dinner. I had a lovely almond crusted pork medallions with bacon and spring onion sauce. It was delicious, but far too much as usual. Bill had a seafood platter, which made him feel a bit crook because the prawns had garlic in the batter. I made a point of telling the waitress that there was nothing wrong with my meal, in fact it was delicious – just that there was far too much.

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