Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday 18th October - Bateman's Bay

Jan nursing Lulu
We went to Birdland today.  We've been before, but it is worht a repeat visit.  We saw koalas, deer, emu, ostrich, peacocks, cockies, corellas, rainbow lorikeets, cockateils, ducks, wombats, snakes, alpacas among other things.  Watched the snake / wombat show, and I got to cuddle Lulu the baby wombat.  She was so cute.  Ran round the enclosure like a little puppy dog.  We declined the offer to hold or even touch the python!

Arthur the bag eating deer
We fed Arthur, the Farrow Deer who, as the sign warned, ate the bag and the contents.  Apparently the orphaned Arthur was reared with an orphaned kangaroo so he prefers the company of kangaroo to deer.
 We went out to the Botanic Gardens for lunch.  I decided on a Ploughman's Lunch.  I really enjoyed it.  There was marinated beef, ham, grapes, cucumber, several different cheeses, lettuce, a dry bread (not the nicest part of the lunch).  Bill had a pastie (I think).
We had a short walk to the lake, then headed back to the van.  We returned the walker oin the way.   Also went to the little beach across the road from the caravan park.
I had a lie down as I was rather tired.
We went to the Catalina Club again for dinner.  I had veal medallions with roast vegies on a rosti.  veal was more like a steak.not a medallion and wasn't wrapped in proscuitto as described.  The vegies seemed tobe diced vegies out of a tin.  The rosti was Ok.  Spinach was nice.  I was a bit disappointed on the whole.  Bill had Barramundi again, and enjoyed it.  However, instead of no dressing on the salad (as requested on both noghts, and ignored) there was no tartare sauce.  We got back another $50 on the pokies.

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