Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday 26th February - Yackandandah, Tallangatta, Hume Weir

Our last day before heading for home.  And it was bucketing rain!  We still decided to go for a drive.  First we went down the street to the supermarket.  On our way out of the park we told the lady we hadn't paid yet - she seemed rather surprised, then realised.  We had to call into the office on our way back and she would come up and take our money.  We duly did so, and reminded her we had never actualy got a key for the ensuite so we didn't have one to return. We headed for Tallangatta.  We went through Baranduda, Kiewa and Tangambalanga.  Eventually got to Bonegilla and Bandiana.  Didn't stop at any of these places as it was pouring rain. However, we did stop at the Hume Weir on Lake Hume.
Despite the rain we walked along the approaches to the dam wall (sign implied you could walk over to Victoria, but a big gate put paid to that idea).
Hume Weir on Murray River
Hume Power Station
It was somewhat damp, so we didn't stay out in the rain for too long.  Although Bill did walk down the stairs to take photos of the power station.
Lake Hume Holiday resort
We made our way to the Lake Hume Tourist Park to grab a bite to eat for lunch.
Drove back to Yackandandah.
We had our first meal in  Yack at Java@Yack, and we decided we'd have our last meal there too.  Bill had roast lamb, and I had a fisherman's basket.  Both very nice and very reasonably priced.
It was still raining quite heavily, the ground was quite soggy at the caravan park so Bill decided to hook the van up when we went back in case we had move the van during the night.

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