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Friday 24th February - Yackandandah, Beechworth, Chiltern

Beechworth Post Office
Another day for a day trip to see the sites.  First we went to the beautiful town of Beechworth.  I just love the beautifully preserved heritage buildings to be found here.  We didn't take many photos because I thought we had some from our last visit, but seems I didn't take lots of photos then either.
Beechworth Court and Cells
We did some shopping at Mike's Beechworth Bazaar (which was the place that charged our card $300 instead of $30 last time we were there! Got it back though.) and had a look at the One Tree Hill Pottery shop.  They had some beautiful pieces, not exhorbitant prices - but we really have nowhere to put anything so we didn't purchase anything.
Beechworth Bakery
We then had some lunch at the famous Beechworth Bakery. Bill bought a Bakery truck (the second one he has we discovered when we got home, although they are different - does that mean he's started a collectiom?) and I bought a Baker bear.
Tom the Bakery Bear

We continued wandering down the street and I went into the Beechworth Sweet Company shop. It really is like an old-fashioned shop, but for some reason the lollies don't seem to me to be like we used to have.  They are also fairly expensive.  I did buy some fruit salad rock candy.  I would have loved a golliwog, especially a girl one, but even the smallest were $50 or so.  Then I saw a really tiny one, but it was nearly $90!!
On our way back to the car we stopped for a look at Beechworth Gold.  Bill wanted me to buy something - we both would have loved the gemstone globes of the world - ranging from small to really large - but apart from the fact we would struggle to find a place to put one they were terribly expensive!  Anyway, we were looking at a necklace Bill had chosen, but I wasn't sure of the colour so I picked out a torquoise one that looked the same. Decided on that, and a matching pair of earings.  Got a bit of a shock when the lady said how  much - the browny one was about $30 which I thought was reasonable, but the turquoise one was $89!!  Earings only $19 thankfully.
Beechworth Anglican Church
We then drove up the hill and parked under the shade of a tree while we decided what to do next.  This was outside the Anglican Church.  On the opposite side of the road there was another Church building which is now a second-hand bookshop.  It has to be the best organised second-hand bookshop I have ever seen, especially considering it is actually like an op-shop - run by volunteers (?) with all proceeds going back into the community. It is called Quercus Community Bookshop. I bought three books and two Andre Rieu DVDs.  I have been doing a lot of reading on this holiday.  More than I've done for a long time, and I'm really enjoying it.
Quercus Community Bookshop Beechworth
Woolshed Falls Beechworth
We then headed out to the Woolshed Falls.  They were quite pretty, although not very steep.  You could walk down to the falls themselves, but we contented ourselves with looking down from the lookout.  There were three people enjoying the presumably cooling waters while we were there.
Next we headed for Chiltern. We looked at a junk shop on one side of the street, then one opposite.  Bill bought a 'thingy' - not sure what it is exactly.  It has two pots joined together, with one lid covering both.  They seem to be too small to be biscuit barrels, but not airtight enough to be tea caddies.  He liked it because it is a similar pattern to a tea set of his mothers that we have.  Saw a lovely and unusual old letterbox on the street corner.
Chiltern Letterbox

I went into a milkbar to buy an icecream and then we headed back to Yackandandah.
Main street of Chiltern
Yackandandah Milk Bar and Cafe
Tonight we went to the Yackandandah Milk Bar and Cafe for tea.  I had a tropical pizza which was very nice and Bill had fish and chips, also nice.  We sat at the table and chairs outside on the footpath and enjoyed the summer evening.

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