Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunday 19th February - Tumut to Young

Again we were ready to leave the park around about 9:30.  The day was again hot and sunny, but OK in the car with the air-conditioning.  First we stopped at Gundagai - where the dog sat on the tuckerbox. We went into the shop to have a look, and bought ourselves a couple of souvenirs - a small replica of the dog on the tuckerbox, a small glass dog, and just as I was walking out I happened to spot a Winnie-The-Pooh plate.  I thought it said $15 so I decided to buy it - it wasn't until the lady had wrapped it that she said "That will be $35 thank you."  I debated whether to say I didn't want it, but decided that I really did, so I bought it anyway.

Next we stopped at Cootamundra.  We went to the Information Centre at the Railway Station.  We bought a Bradman hat and some cherry jam.  We also had some lunch there.  We were told that the XPT train from Sydney was due in a few minutes.  We waited for a while, but then there was an announcement that it was running 20 minutes late, so we set off again.  As we continued north it occurred to Bill that the train should be coming towards us at any time.  We stopped at a spot where we could see the train.  Another man had had the same idea.  Unfortunately when it did arrive it was travelling quite slowly, not like the fast train we expected.  Bill thought it might have been travelling slower due to the heat.
We then continued on our way to Young.  Again we had rung the caravan park previously to make a booking for an ensuite site.  We stayed at the Young Tourist Park.  It is a lovely park, shady sites, concrete paths and 'driveways' on the sites and really nice ensuites.  An added attraction was the bunnies that lived in the park!
There was a short-lived but quite fierce thunderstorm in the evening.  We decided to have sandwiches for tea instead of going anywhere.

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