Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday 25th February - Yackandandah, Rutherglen, Wahgunyah, Corowa

Our holiday is drawing to a close.  Only today and tomorrow left before we head home.  Another day trip today.  We headed to Wodonga first because we had to go to a chemist.  We intended to have a look around the shops, but there didn't really seem to be many shops to look at.  A lady told us about a couple of shopping centres, but we decided against trying to find them.  So we went to the Visitor Information to see what we could find.  We gathered yet more brochures (I wonder how many trees were cut down to provide our reading material for this trip?) and then went a little further along to Gateway Village where we had some yummy lunch at La Maison Cafe.  Actually we both had yummy cakes.
We decided to drive out to Rutherglen - a very pretty drive with a lot of grape vines.
Grape vines near Rutherglen
We kept going without stopping on our way up, and continued on to Wahgunyah.   I should have checked my family history files before we came here, because I knew someone was buried here, but didn't know who. Found out later that it was a LORING - not a direct line, but a LORING all the same.
Foord Bridge over Murray River
Wahgunyah is on the Victorian side of the Muray River, with Corowa on the NSW side.  You cross the river on the Foord Bridge, named after the man who first settled in Wahgunyah.

Vampire at Corowa RSL
We had a quick look at Corowa since we were there.  Found the RSL and saw this Vampire plane on display outside.

Star Hotel Rutherglen
We headed back to have a look at Rutherglen.
Outside the Star Hotel there were at least 100 motorbikes and their riders.  There were also many police cars.  We think maybe it was a wake for a bikie and that the poice were there to make sure there was no trouble.
We stopped at Tapsell's Books.  There were three rooms absolutely choc full of books.  We spent some time browsing.  I bought a couple of books and Bill ended up buying a book detailing the menus on the Titanic, complete with supposedly genuine recipes.
Then we headed back to the Caravan Park.
Yackandandah Hotel
For tea we went to the Yackandandah Hotel, otherwise known as the Bottom Pub.  I had Nachos, but unfortunately although they tasted nice I think the corn chips were stale so I didn't really enjoy them.  Bill had fish and chips yet again.

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