Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday 15th February - Bombala

Another beautiful day today.  We had a look at the shops in Bombala, including the Tourist Information Centre where we purchased a little soft toy platypus.  Unfortunately we didn't see any real platypi.
We went for a drive to Cathcart to have a look at the Cathcart Collectables display.  It was a shed full of hundreds of examples of all sorts of things - from egg cups, salt and pepper shakers, jugs, tools, shaving equipment to boxes. Not to mention the various trucks and farm machinery that were outside.  A very dusty collection!  There was much exclaining of "We used to have one of those" as we wandered around.
We went for tea at Priscilla's Heritage  restaurant.  The menu was mainly Chinese, with some Australian choices also.  We had mini spring rolls as an entree, then Bill had fish and chips and I had Honey Chicken which was very nice.

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