Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friday 17th February - Tumut, Adelong

A lazy start to the day, but after breakfast and a bit of reading on my part we headed out for a sight-seeing drive.  We made our way to Adelong.  This is a pretty little town founded before gold was discovered, but it flourished after the discovery.  We went out to Adelong Falls to see the ruins of the gold battery.  The link makes for interesting reading about the history of gold mining in Adelong.
Adelong Falls Gold Battery Ruins
The ruins have been damaged in relatively recent floods, but you can still see the remains of some of the stone buildings, and there is good interprative signs explaining the history.
Lunchtime Visitor
We ate our lunch at the reserve, and had a great time feeding the magpies that were lurking.

Woolpack Hotel
We went back to the van and at tea time we went to Woolpack Hotel for dinner.  Bill had a whole trout, which he said was lovely, and I had a smoked salmon and avocado stack which was just lovely.

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