Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday 14th February - Bruthen to Bombala

As has become the norm for the start of our holidays we began the day with a visit to John Scarlett.  All was well, with no change to treatment, so we came home, finished loading the van and headed off.  It was about 2:30 when we left Bruthen.  The day was quite warm.
We stopped at Cann River for a drink and petrol, then headed out to Bombala.  On the way, just past Chandler's Creek, we saw a huge police van by the side of the road.  There were also obviously reporters and camera men.  Talking to Susan later she said the news had a report about the police looking for a body near Bombala.  We think that mught have been what we saw.  We had rung the Bombala Caravan Park to make a booking, and to find out how we accessed the ablutions as we were under the impression that the caretaker didn't live on site.  However, that has now changed and Darryl (?) greeted us when we arrived. Later he came to present us with a Bombala Shire calendar and a platypus country sticker.  He also gave us a small lavender sachet - Bombala is famous for platypi and lavendar.  On seeing my walking stick he even asked if we'd like the disabled facilities opened, which we took advantage of, so I more or less had a private bathroom despite there not being en-suites at the park.
We spent a bit of time organising the van, then decided to go to the Bombala RSL for tea.  It was Valentine's Day, and the RSL had a special dinner, but it was fully pre-booked so we had dinner in the small dining room.  Dinner was quite nice - can't remember what we had.
The caravan park is right beside the river, and just up fromour site is where the platypus can often be found.  We didn't actually see any, but we did see the water moving in the moonlight, which suggested they were swimming.

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