Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wednesday 16th May - Victor Harbour, Goolwa

Cockle Train
We made the right decision when we decided to go on the Cockle Train today instead of Sunday - the weather was perfect.  Sadly it wasn't a steam engine today, but the railcar we travelled in was still historic.
We bought our tickets ($24.50 each for a return trip) and even got a special one for Salty Dog.  He was allowed on the train.
Salty Dog on the train
The train goes through Port Elliot and Middleton.  At Middleton there is a lovely old house offering bed and breakfast.  It is called Mindacowie - a name that tickled my fancy.  I wondered if there was a Mindabullie too!
We decided we'd just have a coffee at Goolwa rather than try to fill in about three hours waiting for the next train.  We had 3/4 hour, enough time to walk over to Hector's where we had afternoon tea the other day.

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