Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday 12th May - Victor Harbour, Normanville, Cape Jervis

Quite a nice day today.  We went for a drive to Normanville - this is the place we were going to stay at 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with my secondary cancer.  It has taken us four years to get here!

SeaLink ferry to Kangaroo Island
Cafe at the ferry terminal
On the way we stopped at Cape Jervis.  This is where the ferry goes across to Kangaroo Island.  We had thought of taking the trip but it is frightfully expensive for the 45 minute trip across the water, and you virtually have to take your car which makes it even more expensive.  I think it would have cost a total of $376 for the day.  So we made do with having a bite to eat at the little cafe at the terminal, and taking photos of the ferry.

Starfish Hill Windfarm
There were lots of windmills in the area.  One was called Starfish Hill.  They really are quite a magnificent site.
Normanville Beach Cafe
We continmued on to Normanville.  It was quite a pretty little town, with nice beaches.  We had a drink and an icecream at the Normanville Beach Hut.
We drove back to Victor Harbour after our brief stop at Normanville.
Normanville Beach
We decided on Indian for dinner - but probably didn't pick the best place on offer, as it was really a take-away restaurant with a couple of tables and chairs to sit at.  Not the most ambient place to dine.  However, the food was quite nice.  Mind you, I nearly died when I saw my Butter Chicken - it was brick red, not the gentle creamy orange colour I'm used to.  I think it was called the Sitar Restaurant.

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