Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday 9th May - Bendigo to Bordertown

We left Mark and Janine's about 9:30 and headed for Bordertown, South Australia which was to be our first overnight stop.
Bendigo to Bordertown
We were on the Wimmera Highway.  On the way we went through Marong, Newbridge, Tarnagulla, Moliagul, Logan, St. Arnaud, Marnoo, Rapanyup, Murtoa, Dooen, and Horsham.  From there the road became the Western Highway and we went through Pimpinio, Wail, by-passed Dimboola, Gerang Gerung, Kiata and Nhill. On to Kaniva, and then across the border into South Australia, where the road became the Duke's Highway.
The land was pretty flat - this is Wimmera country.  The main industries appear to be wheat and sheep.
We stopped for lunch at Horsham (McDonald's).
Bordertown Caravan Park
We arrived at the Bordertown Caravan Park about 3:30 - of course we lost half an hour at the border!  A nice little park, with drive-through sites.  We were almost next to the amenities block - well, we were until another van pulled in about 30 minutes after us and parked between us and the amenities.
White Kangaroo at Bordertown
After we got ourselves settled we went for a look around Bordertown.  First stop was the white kangaroo fauna park.  There were approximately twenty of these beautiful white kangaroos.  They are not albinos, but pure white none-the-less.

Bordertown Railway Station
The park was opposite the old railway station, which was a lovely old building.  The deterioration seems to have been halted or at least slowed, but it seems that little is being done to actually preserve or make use of the building.

Bordertown Hotel
We had tea at Clancy's Restaurant in the Bordertown Hotel.  I had Clancy's Chicken, Bill had Barramundi and chips. It was all very nice.  Nice restaurant setting too.
We drove around town a bit, and saw the house where Bob Hawke was born.  The bust of Bob Hawke is not outside the house as it appears in this photo - it is outside the Council Chambers.

Hawke House

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